Il diario di Felix is a documentary film produced by Zona and PcmStudio, edited by Andrea Tarquini, original music by Angelo Olivieri.

55° festival dei popoli

Valerio, Giuseppe, Emad, the guests of Casa Felix rehabilitation youth centre, are 'grownup adolescents' who have already been found guilty. The film traces their bodies, their desires, and a painful tie with a world they still don't know but they're already fighting. The debut film of Emiliano Mancuso gracefully actualizes in the point-of-view shots of those are seeking a plotline in their lives. It is a film that explores the intimancy of human relantionships in order to recapture a desire for the same (55° Festival dei Popoli).


mimmo lombezzi

More than a film, Il diario di Felix is a video-anthropology experiment. It gives a smashing journalism lesson both to those who are forced to bring tears to the audience's eyes, and to those who think that a reportage is a very long stand-up, in which a Tv pundit transmits to us his 'emotions', wearing, like furs, one or more humanitarian tragedies (Il Fatto Quotidiano, 2015).


Casa Felix is a group home for minors with family and criminal issues located in the eastern outskirts of Rome. I’m a photojournalist with Contrasto photo agency. When I began Casa Felix I was looking for stories about troubled kids living in difficult circumstances for a reportage, but I became completely overwhelmed by the lives of some of these adolescents: contradictory, emotional, difficult and above all, intense and real.

I spent a year with them. We studied together, talked, went to the beach and amusement park, we cried and laughed together. I expected to find an exposé or an investigative story, but what I found was an urban tale about friendship and normal adolescents who had their basic rights denied.