Terre di Sud is a book published by Postcart ed., with the preface by Domenico Starnone and Grazia Neri, edited by Maria Evangelisti. 

Domenico starnone

Enormous skies and seas, filthy beaches rimmed with cement, degraded urban views, country feasts and holy images, elderly men wearing vests, wandering inside poor houses, or across uneven roads, young boys with gel in their air and necklaces, young girls on motorbikes with no helmet on, tomato pickers and migrants' faces, burning cars, hooligans, bullet shuttered windows, bloodstained streets are what you find while leafing through this book. They are almost always intense moments in which all that frightens us or worries us of territories we love, occupies the entire frame to the edges. (Terre di Sud, Postcart ed. 2008)

grazia neri

Among these photos Emiliano Mancuso has also given us an image which is hard to forget: a little girl palying joyfully in the middle of the city's horrors, but her carefree spirit and her grace seem to tell us that life goes on and to never let go. (Terre di Sud, Postcart ed. 2008)


56 color shots to suggest that unique heart of the South of Italy, made of drama and comedy at the same time, that we call "Questione Meridionale" for more than a century. The images, with a strong emotional impact, surprise and gather in a single atmosphere, in a single reality, the great variety of "lands" of the South of Italy.