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Emiliano Mancuso (b. 1971) began to photograph and filming as a means to express reality and as way to be envolved on long term independent project about social issues and invisible people. He left his postgraduate studies and began to collaborate with leading publications all over the world, National Geographic, The New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian,  Time, L’Espresso, et.
In 2011, his book Stato d’Italia was published and it won the POYi (the Picture of the Year).
In 2014 He directed his first documentary film: Il diario di Felix, in competition at the 55th Annual Festival dei Popoli and in nomination for the 2015 Globo d’Oro Award for Best Documentary.
He is engaged with educational activities at universities and colleges; he teaches photo and video reportage at the Experimental Cinematography Center (National Film School) and is the director of the Master in contemporary photojournalism at Officine Fotografiche Roma.



Photography courtesy by Marco Rapaccini.





2017 Le cicale (exhibition), Macro Testaccio, Rome, Italy.

2015 Il diario di Felix, (film), Globo d’Oro Award for Best Documentary, Rome, Italy.

2015 Il diario di Felix, (film), 55th Annual Festival dei Popoli, Florence Italy.

2015 Il diario di Felix, (exhibition), Forma Meravigli, Milan, Italy.

2015 Il diario di Felix, (exhibition), Umbria Photo Festival, Foligno, Italy.

2015 Il diario di Felix, (exhibition), Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy.

2013 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Lumiere Film Festival, Frankfurt, Ge.

2013 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Lector in Fabula, Bari, Italy.

2013 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Semaine de la culture italienne, Paris, Fr.

2013 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Citerna Foto Festival, Città di Castello, Italy.

2013 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Fnac Gallery, Milan, Italy.

2012 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy.

2012 Stato d’Italia (exhibition) Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, Italy.

2011 Stato d’Italia (book), Postcart Ed., Italy.

2010 3rd prize Portrait, Picture of the Year. 

2010 honorable mention IPA Award.

2009 1st prize best book, Premio Marco Bastianelli.

2008 Terre di Sud (book), Postcart Ed., Italy.

2008 Terre di Sud (exhibition), Santa Cecilia Gallery, Rome, Italy.

2008 Terre di Sud (exhibition), Palazzo Ducale, Corigliano, Italy.

2008 Terre di Sud (exhibition), Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy.

2008 honorable mention Tau Visual.

2008 1st prize PDN’s Photo Annual.

2006 Made in Italy (exhibition), L.A.N.A., Naples, Italy.

2006 Made in Italy (book), Trolley Book ed., UK.

2005 1st prize best project, Fnac Italia “Attenzione Talento Fotografico”.

2004 1st prize best project, Premio Canon.